Biking the hills of Vieques by

Biking the hills of Vieques. Photo by

Horse parking in downtown Isabel II. Photo by

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Vieques is a Spanish Virgin Island seven miles off the east coast of (and part of) Puerto Rico. 

Casa de Amistad is located in the heart of the town of Isabel II (pronounced “Isabel Segunda”). Isabel II is not an artificial resort town, it is an authentic Puerto Rican pueblo with wonderful local culture, food, and character.

Isabel II is also home to many of the best restaurants and bars on the island. Casa de Amistad is close to everything you may need from waterfront dive bars to upscale restaurants and art galleries; the grocery store, post office and the mayor’s office are just blocks away.

We recommend that you budget for a vehicle for at least part of your stay to explore Vieques’ renowned, world-ranked beaches that are located well within the blissfully undeveloped National Wildlife Refuge. Otherwise, bikes, scooters, taxis, and públicos are available to help you navigate the island.

Directions from the Ferry: Turn RIGHT and walk across the small yellow bridge. Turn LEFT at the first street and walk two blocks. Casa de Amistad is on the left hand side of the street.

Directions from the airport: The easiest way to get to us from the airport is to take a taxi (sorry, we are unable to provide pick-up service). Taxis are located up the hill just outside the baggage claim.

Click here to read “Getting to Vieques” for options on how to get to Vieques from San Juan. And scroll down for a map.

Parking: Casa de Amistad provides parking for our guests.

This is a great video about Isabel II… the neighborhood we live in.
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To reach Vieques from Puerto Rico, you can either fly or take a ferry. We strongly recommend that you consider booking flights to/from Vieques from one of San Juan’s two airports. Flying is the most reliable option and surprisingly cost effective versus the ferry once you take transportation costs from San Juan to/from the ferry terminal in Ceiba into account. You might also consider taking a flight to Vieques and a ferry on the way home.


There are two airports in San Juan. One is the international airport (Airport Code SJU) and it is most convenient if you are flying in or out of that airport the same day that you are flying to or from Vieques. Flights cost approximately $120/person one-way from SJU to Vieques Airport (Airport Code VQS). The other airport is Isla Grande Airport (Airport Code SIG), located near Old San Juan, which is most convenient if you are planning to stay in San Juan either before or after Vieques or if you have 2 hours+ to take a short $20 cab ride from SJU Airport to Isla Grande Airport. The cost to fly to/from Isla Grande Airport is approximately $85/person one-way. Vieques Airlink: 787-741-8331 flies out of both airports Cape Air: 1-800-352-0714 flies only out of SJU  


The new ferry terminal on the “main island” of Puerto Rico is located in Ceiba within the former Roosevelt Roads military base. Walk-on passengers cannot make advance reservations for the ferry. Arrive at the ferry terminal with ample time before departure to secure your ticket and board, because once the boat fills it will often leave early. Vehicle reservations are taken in advance, but only in-person with the vehicle’s car registration documentation. Most car rental agencies do not allow their cars to be transported on the ferry, and vehicle reservations typically book out weeks in advance. There is secure parking for your car close to the ferry terminal if you need it. For the most up-to-date information, visit

(current as of November 2018)

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