Incredible Vieques

Getting Here

Vieques is a Spanish Virgin Island eight miles off the east coast of (and part of) Puerto Rico.

Casa de Amistad is located in the heart of the town of Isabel II (pronounced “Isabel Segunda”). An authentic Puerto Rican pueblo full of wonderful local culture, food, and character only minutes from the beaches.

Flying to Vieques from San Juan

Flying is by far the most reliable and comfortable option to travel to Vieques. It is also surprisingly cost effective versus the ferry once you take Uber/taxi costs from San Juan to/from the ferry terminal in Ceiba into account.

There are two airports in San Juan. 

The International airport (Airport Code SJU) is most convenient if you are flying in or out of Puerto Rico the same day that you are flying to/from Vieques. The cost of flights to/from SJU International can vary widely based on demand. 

The other San Juan airport is Isla Grande Airport (Airport Code SIG), located near Old San Juan. Flights from SIG are typically more affordable and most convenient if you are planning to stay in San Juan either before or after Vieques, or if you have an hour+/- to take a short ~$20 cab ride to transfer from SJU Airport to Isla Grande Airport. Cheaper flights are also available from Ceiba Airport (on the east coast of Puerto Rico) to Vieques.

Note that to book these island-hopper flights, you must call/visit the airline websites below and book directly with the airline for best availability. Many flights to Vieques, especially on our hometown airline Vieques Airlink, do not show up on outside booking sites like Google Flights, Kayak, Expedia, etc.

Vieques Airlink
flies from both San Juan Isla Grande and Ceiba Airport

Cape Air
flies only from SJU International

Directions from the airport to Casa de Amistad

The easiest way to get to us from the airport is to take a taxi, located up the hill just outside the baggage claim.

Even better, most rental agencies provide free airport transfers with your vehicle rental.

Taking the ferry to Vieques

Do the math on flying instead of taking a taxi/uber to the ferry, especially for the cheaper flights out of San Juan’s smaller airport, Isla Grande Airport, and you will see that you often do not save that much money by choosing the ferry. Flights to Vieques are faster, more comfortable, and more reliable.

Residents also receive priority over visitors for the limited number of seats available during peak travel periods. Couple that with long-standing ferry reliability problems and you could be left waiting at the dock instead of enjoying your vacation. 

Also, please note that rental cars from the main island are prohibited from the cargo ferries. Cargo ferries are reserved for residents only.

If you do opt to take the passenger ferry, please visit for updated advice.

The official ferry website for schedules and ticketing is

Directions from the ferry to Casa de Amistad

Turn RIGHT and walk across the small yellow bridge. Turn LEFT at the first street and walk two blocks.

Casa de Amistad is on the left hand side of the street at 27 Calle Benitez Castano..

Car Rentals on Vieques

We highly recommend budgeting for a car during your stay and making a reservation early. 

One of the great joys of Vieques is having the freedom to explore and beach hop at your own pace. Especially with the incredible variety of world-renowned beaches located within the blissfully undeveloped National Wildlife Refuges on the western and eastern ends of the island that are otherwise difficult to discover independently. 

The larger the vehicle the better and safer for navigating our rough and unpaved roads.

Casa de Amistad provides free on-site parking for our guests.

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